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The Karich & Associates SellerGard program protects e-commerce sellers with trademarks and patents. Patent, trademarks, and all forms of intellectual property (“IP”), are extremely valuable potential tools in your arsenal. Trademarks enable access to Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).  Patents enable sellers to dominate their marketplace, and protect their top spot, by removing competitive listings that attempt to copy successful products.  Schedule a free consultation to speak with an experienced patent and trademark attorney about how to develop your own IP portfolio, and how to leverage it to grow your company.




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ERIC KARICH  SellerGard’s Registered patent attorney

Eric Karich is a Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney and a former adjunct professor of Patent Law at Texas Wesleyan University. He has helped launch many start-up companies and has served on Advisory Boards of several successful ventures.  Mr. Karich practices exclusively in the field of intellectual property, specializing in patents, trademarks, and licensing.

Mr. Karich has advised many successfully funded ventures including M-Biotech, Inc. (implantable glucose biosensors); MedHab, LLC (medical sensor devices used in physical rehabilitation); D4 Media, Inc. (media software); The Internet Toolbox Corporation (consumer internet software and training); Hollywood Prescription, Inc. (fashion and internet sales software); Movement, LLC (custom motorcycle wheels), and many others.  Mr. Karich has also served with a large number of startups that self-funded their growth without outside venture funding, or that licensed their patent rights to other corporations.

Mr. Karich has prepared hundreds of patents for a wide range of inventions, including medical devices; construction tools and equipment; flight and automotive systems; software and business methods; petrochemical engineering systems; and other mechanical and electrical devices, systems, and methods.  With his interest in helping entrepreneurs, he has also prepared numerous patents on simple consumer products (tools, home and garden, etc.), and their methods of manufacture and use.  Mr. Karich also has extensive experience in obtaining patent protection in foreign countries.  Mr. Karich earned his B.S. from the University of California in San Diego, and his J.D. from the Boston University School of Law.  Mr. Karich’s experience includes positions with the intellectual property firm of Lyon & Lyon in Los Angeles (one of the largest patent firms in the country at the time), the International Trade Commission (patent litigation), and Gauntlett & Associates, a boutique firm in Irvine, California.

In 1998, Mr. Karich opened Karich & Associates to assist early stage ventures in protecting and leveraging their patent and trademark assets.  Mr. Karich has served as legal counsel and vice president to Inventor’s Forum and is currently on their Board; is a member of the Orange County Patent Law Association; and co-founded the Intellectual Property Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association. Mr. Karich is admitted for legal practice in California, in both state and federal courts, as well as before the Patent and Trademark Office.