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Important Information for Brand Registry on Amazon

By: Eric Karich, Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney

Amazon has recently updated its regulations regarding foreign domiciles and trademarks, as they may relate to Amazon’s brand registry. 

In order to be eligible for the United States Amazon brand registry, a trademark must be registered, live, and active in the principle register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) only.  The mark must also be limited to either a text or image mark (as opposed to unusual marks such as audio marks). 

Further, the USPTO has recently announced that all foreign domiciles are required to use a U.S. Attorney in order to file a trademark application with the USPTO, to help ensure integrity of the U.S. registration system.  Therefore, Amazon sellers wishing to obtain brand registry must work with a U.S. Attorney to obtain a U.S. trademark.   A “U.S. Attorney” may refer to any U.S.-licensed attorney who has an active bar membership and is in good standing, regardless of where the attorney resides (including outside the United States).